Monday, November 26, 2007

Time just keeps flying by...

My days seriously drag on while I'm at work, but can you believe it's almost December already?!? Almost 3 weeks from now Wayne will be graduating...and 5 days from then we will be moving! It is increasingly chaotic looking in our house and I can barely keep from bouncing off the walls I get so excited about it!

But I know I post a lot about that and so I will post about last week.

Last week, was horrible. Or well, just the first three days because I didn't have enough vacation to be off the entire week. It was slow and boring and UGH.

But Thursday, ahhhhhh Thursday. I do so adore time with my family. We had lunch with my Dad's side of the fam in Cabot. I really cannot tell you in words how much I love being with them. I am truly blessed with an amazing Christian family. The only thing missing every year is of course my brother, Fawn, and the kiddos. If only they were there Thanksgiving would be oh so perfect!

For dinner we went to Wayne's side of the family. Same thing can be said of them (minus the Christian family part--but other than that they are as good as can get!!), I just love spending time with them! We ended up spending the night at their house...and Mandy talked me into getting up at 3am on BLACK FRIDAY and shopping til' about noon. Talk about tired!! But it was SO MUCH fun. :) Freezing cold and tiring, but fun.

Can we say WOOOOOOO PIG SOOIE!!! The game Friday was awesome! Dontcha love a non-ranked team beating the TOP ranked team? I so do.. :) We stayed and ate deer steak with Wayne's fam and then came on home to do...

NOTHING on Saturday. It was glorious...we were totally lazy..

and now here we are to another week. Lots of plans we go crazy holiday season!

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