Saturday, December 29, 2007


I'm sitting here at my parents closed store freezing my butt off and checking all our emails. It's weird to be home again after just moving. We went to Little Rock the other day and were talking about getting Starbucks. Wayne mentioned we could just get it in Jacksonville on the way home at which point he remembered...that's not our home anymore.

Completely and totally in love with the apartment. The three things I'm TOTALLY in love with are all in the island, ice maker, and dishwasher baby!! After 4 1/2 years of hand washing all of our dishes...I am totally enamored with that thing. :)

Picked up the puppy the day after Christmas. I have never seen a dog hop so much. He is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. I ended up staying up with him from 4am on the first night but made him sleep in his kennel the past two nights. He is more fun than I thought he would we just have to learn how to get him to NOT pee on everything in sight and we'll be doing great! lol.

We've really enjoyed time with both our families this week...I'm sooo ready for next Thursday to get here though!! Ready to get back up some furniture shopping, unpack some more of our crap, and just enjoy our new place. Wish Andy and Erin would be there when we get back but it won't be long til' we see them all the time I guess. It's so stinking weird to go "home" to a different place...different state!!

oh and just in case you weren't sure...we are ALL ABOUT having company. We have a spare bed so just ask and we'll be ready to have you over friends!! :)

ps. (for Christina and Kayla) I am seriously 5 minutes from Target! I know right?!?

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