Friday, December 14, 2007

Things are really starting to kick into gear today...

We were able to sell our couch, chair, and entertainment center all to one girl (yayy for not dealing with all that furniture when we move!) and she is coming to get it today as well as another couple coming to get our desk tonight.

Wayne has a rose ceremony today at 4pm that includes honoring family...then I'm sure we will go eat with Wayne's fam and visit some.

I should be going into hyper cleaning mode tonight after all that furniture has been moved out of my house! The living room is really going to feel strange...

We set up our official checking out of our apartment time as 8:30am next Thursday so we have GOT to have EVERYTHING PACKED and LOADED Wednesday night for sure now. I am hoping to recruit a few friends to help Wayne with that b/c I will be at work at least part of that day...hmmm...(gotta get as many full checks as possible before we move!! It will be a few weeks I think before we get Wayne's first checks and that can be rough...especially with Christmas shopping and a new puppy!! :)

Saturday is graduation in the morning of course and then that early evening Wayne's (extended) family Christmas. I'm hating the timing on that, but originally we weren't going to get to go at all

gotta go , will finish later!

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