Monday, July 13, 2009

25 lbs!!

not bad for less than 4 whole months work huh? :) My goal is to lose about 5 more before the cruise and then to love 20 more by December. We'll see how that goes as I know you eventually hit points where you don't lose for a while...

Weekend at Rend Lake...I swear it rained every time we went outside to do something. I have never hear thunder like that before! It kept setting off a car alarm it was so loud! Made for us not spending much time out on the water, but do have some funny memories and a few pictures of us soaked from the rain.

HP6 comes out Tuesday and already have tix for us to go...will need to take a nap to pull this one off seeing as the movie starts at midnight and is at least 2 hours long...and I get up at 5 every morning! ICK!

Only a little more than 2 weeks left before our cruise!! I can hardly stand to wait! :)

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