Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I lied...

I could ask for long weekends filled with time spent with the hubby instead of a few minutes spent watching him get ready and go to work :) That and no going to bed alone...ahhh I so love being a night shift widow!! GRRR

Still enjoyed the weekend even though it was sans Wayne all but Monday. Picked out a new bedroom set (being delivered Friday, yippy!!!) and spent quite a bit of time with Christina and Roger. Josh and Vanessa are down for a few days and so saw them at worship Sunday night and having late lunch with them today. (another yippy! I miss those two!!)

Favorite thing from the weekend (sans Monday with Wayne anyway): Roger and Christina coming to get me to watch a movie with them. I was in Dierbergs and apparently Roger was joking to here about them probably finding me in the broccoli section. When they found me I just so happened to be picking out broccoli. LOL It was much funnier when it happened and maybe not so much on the blog. teehee

Well this was a pretty lame attempt at blogging once again, but at least I'm somewhat updated!

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