Friday, December 11, 2009

Our newest family member...

For months we have been looking for another mini schnauzer. We bought Saint from a first-time breeder and had a wonderful experience with that, but really wanted to adopt from a shelter this time around. The Humane Society of St. Louis actually has an online database that lets you look for and have them e-mail you information any time a dog meeting your criteria comes around.

The first time I got an email with a miniature schnauzer puppy I had to convince Wayne that we could, should, would. After a day or two of begging, he finally gave in and we drove to the shelter only to find the puppy adopted out a mere 5 minutes earlier. I won't lie, I cried on the drive home. I had already named and puppy and thought of her as mine and was so disappointed to see us cut off from getting her so close.

Did I call ahead before coming? Yes I did. Would they let me put her on hold? I was told I could not. This process actually continued through three more dogs, narrowly missing our chance each time. I was really starting to think we were just going to be a one dog family. I didn't want to bring a new puppy into the house much later than Saint turning two (I understand it just gets harder for them to deal with a new "intruder" the older they get) and November marked his two year birthday.

And then...Coal came along. I got the e-mail with his sweet little schnauzer face and called Wayne immediately. The shelter opened at 11:00 and I could take my lunch and meet Wayne to see if this pup would be ours. We drove up to the shelter only to not find him in any of the rooms. Wayne beat me there and was already upset about it by the time I came in and double checked--nowhere to be found. We finally tracked down a volunteer and had them check the database. At first glance on his info it appeared that he was unavailable because of illness. It may sound pathetic to you, but I felt my heart come up into my throat as I realized we were going to be disappointed a fifth (and likely final) time.

"Let me call someone in the back and see if they know what the deal is--he shouldn't have been on the website if he really is still unavailable."
After much waiting (hello! Lunch break ticking away!) someone finally brought him up from the back to meet us. He had come in dehydrated, but was available for adoption after all!

You just can't believe how sweet he was (unless maybe you see how sweet he is now) when we met him. So small and sweet with a big tangle of un-groomed hair. He shuffled up to us nervously begging to be petted and held and I knew he was going to be our dog.

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Wonderful! Congrats! ;D