Sunday, July 1, 2007

Seems like

my posts should be much more important or specific on blogger...but honestly I just haven't got it in me to write too much of interest. I'm still severely ticked that my xanga is blocked--I mean really! If you're going to block something under "Dating/Social" Facebook would definitely go first...but seeing as so many teachers have facebook nobody would dare. ;)

The past few weekends have been lazy and uneventful for the most part. It's still kind of weird to have Wayne gone 3 nights out of the week...especially since for the past three weeks (four maybe??) he's been gone on Friday night and most of the time I'm leaving for work as he comes in from work. Oh well, at least I've actually been able to sleep alone--I wasn't sure I would be able to--it's one thing I think to be alone and stay alone, but another to sleep with someone by your side for 4 years and then suddenly it's supposed to be a normal occurrence when they're gone 3 nights a week. I'm still well aware it could be worse alright, I'm just saying.

Finished Book 5 tonight...Started re-reading them all a couple of weeks ago. I can't believe the last book will be out this year. It's just crazy to wait so long for a series to finish. I have a looming sense of dread about it along with my excitement!! I just hate when a book is over......

Should be off word Wednesday for Independence Day....but no plans...for then or for the coming weekend really. We just haven't planned a thing lately. Just let life happen.

Okay, well...back to life I suppose.

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