Sunday, July 8, 2007

Yes, I really am posting at 3 am!! :)

Wayne slept from 2 am last night til' some time after 4pm today and so here we are...still awake. I could easily go to sleep but really I don't get to go to bed with Wayne as much anymore and so I don't want to go without him when it's not necessary. (I am starting to wear down really bad though...sleeeeepy!)

Interviewed for a job as administrative assistant to Ann Dixon in the library yesterday afternoon. I really liked her and think it would be a nice fit so we'll see. I like the registrar's office too, but I have no proof that I will have a job there--right now I don't even know how long I'm a temp there b/c the girl I'm replacing had her first baby and apparently no one is really sure when she'll be back. Anyhow, we'll see....I just hope it all works out seamlessly since we will have to move at least to some extent this December and Wayne will soon be in his last semester of nursing school and therefore it will just be me working again come mid August.

Just finished the 6th Harry Potter. It's weird how you look forward to something so much but dread it all the same. Only two weeks now til' I'll have the 7th book in my hands...I know I'm driving Wayne and Christina crazy talking about it (thank goodness for Kayla and Jenny!! They understand, although I think they started on this trip later than I. I read the first three my Jr/Sr year and so I've got at least 7 years in this!! :) )

Well...think I'll end there. Without my xanga my posts are longer and farther apart and I just don't think anyone cares to read loads and loads about my everyday life.

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Josh said...

Hey, guess who dies. You ready for it? Ready for it? ...have Wayne call me when he gets a chance. :)