Monday, July 30, 2007

Four happy years...

Wednesday was my 4 year anniversary with Wayne--7 years if you could the 3 years we dated into the equation. I can hardly believe I have known him that long...let alone been married for four years! Some days it feels like life is creeping by--but then all of the sudden you look up and time has flown by you again!

We didn't get to spend our actual anniversary together this year...I actually saw him all of 15-20 minutes Wednesday since he was coming in from work when I left for work and then leaving for work when I was getting off work...but he did send me 4 beautiful calla lillies at work! I was so surprised--I just thought he would be too busy with work to have thought about it...especially since we knew a month ago that our anniversary would have to be celebrated over the weekend instead... :)

We celebrated Saturday at Gaucho's over on Shackleford and man was it good! They set bowls of mashed potatos, rice, black beans, greens,etc on your table and then bring freshly cooked meats to your table. We tried their lamb, prime rib, pork tenderloin, alfredo chicken, meatballs, and my fav--New York strip! YUM! It was very expensive but very much worth the try if you ask me.
*Bryan--Wayne said he was up for going with you and Jenny some time soon since I know you wanted to go again!!*

Anyhow...we did a little shopping for Wayne's clothes for the wedding Saturday and then our usual Barnes & Noble trip and even a little truck shopping on the way was a reallly nice time all in all... :)

BTW, we truck shopped in Searcy Friday night as well! Wayne is actually all for going ahead and getting what we want...but I think we will at least wait a little while--I'm afraid to get one before Wayne graduates since we'll be moving in Dec... But I think we're in love with getting a Toyota Tacoma Crew Cab. :) The one we saw and loved was right here in Searcy...I've got my little heart set on it already--Wayne wanted a Chevy Colorado but I gotta veto that pick--the front of it is pretty nice, but the rest is U-G-L-Y! And the price is not much different and the Tacoma has a V6 while the Colorado has a icky 4-cylinder...soo here's to TACOMA'S!! It's sooo exciting to get to start thinking about a new truck!! :)'s to another year with my cutie! This next one is going to be quite the ride I think--Wayne graduating, taking his NCLEX, becoming an RN, buying a new vehicle, moving into a rental house (Ihope!), getting a puppy, having money (well comparatively anyhow!) many changes! I could not be looking forward to anything more than this year...and yet scared to death of it all at the same time!!

Here we go...

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