Friday, September 28, 2007


finally...I swear the weeks are getting longer and longer!! Thankfully I've managed to save up enough minutes to be off early every Friday and this one is no different! Especially since half the crew is out today...I just don't think I could make it past 3:00...ugh

Working at the Attic tonight...I'm feelin' pretty craft and Jenny and Caroline are supposed to be joining me so it's sure to be a good night. :)

Poor Wayner works night shift tonight...He really is a good hubby--it's not easy working night shift when you have to be up all day AND THEN be up all night...especially since I know he was up past at least 1 last night working on paper work. :( His random checks sure do help though...

btw...My house...looking fabulous lately. I finally got out of my I don't want to clean slump and feel muuuuchhh better! :) I'm not super cleaning woman but I am keeping it all under control again. Sometimes you can't tell but when things are messy for any length of realllly starts to unnerve me. (example: Wayne's school books and paperwork...only 2 1/2 months til' I don't see that anymore!! whoohoo!)

Welp...this post has been long enough and relatively about very little. But nobody said I actually write it for's for me so I'm okay with being a little boring!! :P

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Jenny Lyn said...

I have admired my sewing a couple of times:0) lol I'm a dork!