Monday, October 1, 2007

yay for friends coming into town!!

Andy and Erin made it into town last night in time for bible study...and then we all ate mexican food and ice cream at the hubs and my apt. Time with the McD family always makes for lots of laughs and last night was no different.

I stayed up wayyyyy too late all weekend. Ugh. Friday Jenny, Caroline and I all cropped at the scrapbook attic til' about hmm....4:30 am? I still can't believe we stayed up so late...didn't even go to bed immediately after all arriving at the apt...we still talked until about 5:30 and then I stayed awake til' 6 hoping to be awake if Wayne needed to call to stay awake on his drive home from work...We had an awesome time's always so good to catch up and just hang out like that :)

Saturday was Madison's 3rd birthday...but she was sick so it was not such a good experience...she was super cute in her little Cinderella dress though! Love that little girl...I'm sure I'll have to post a pic from that soon..I just need to get them from her Mom first..hmmm

So Wayne and I have added another show to our "love" category. Office Space. I fully blame Morgan and Stephenie for this one...they got us hooked and so Saturday night we stayed up til' around 2am watching season 2 and then last night after everyone left we stayed up til' 1am watching the first few of season 3. Really...I hate liking TV...I just keep telling myself...DVR is only a matter of months away and then we'll only watch things when we have nothing better to do!! ha..

Welp...Happy Monday...

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