Monday, September 10, 2007

Life as we know it...

is going to change.

To be honest, I can hardly wait for it to. There are so many things that terrify me with upcoming graduation, job search, new home search...but honestly a change will be good for us. We don't even have a clue what marriage is like outside of school life! I mean...I know it won't be super different or anything...we'll still be Wayne & Ronda...but we'll be Wayne & Ronda minus school work. Minus living on campus. Minus feeling stuck between student and employee.

I realize that means there will be a lot of +'s coming up too. I prefer to think of the good ones right now. Plus a puppy. Plus new furniture. (whether Wayne wants it or not dangit! lol...j/k...sorta...we'll see) Plus Wayne's wonderful nursing income year-round. Plus the possiblity of adventures with Andy and Erin in a new's exciting to think of all the things that are going to change come December.

And then there are the minus signs I'm not excited about. Minus Four Mile Hill. Minus fun times with the Searcy McDonald's. Minus the apartment we've lived in since we've been married. Most of all minus my best friend and our families. These are the things that I hate to leave. I know they won't be permanant minuses though. Stina will always be my best friend and I feel confident that even if we do leave that friendship will never die. She knows things about me no one does...she knows when I'm down...why I am...she knows all the stupid things I like...I just can't imagine weeks where I don't see my buddy. And then our families...I know they will come and visit too but it's crazy to think I'm leaving them behind a little. I almost feel guilty about that with my parents, specially with James and Fawn and kiddos so far away.

We've finally reached our crossroads. I have never been so excited about something but I have never been so terrified.


The Pirate Poet said...

It is scary. I can say for Erin and I that we made a good decision. That is because it was ours to make. Do what you both feel is best and then make it the best. Erin and I would love if yall lived in St. Louis but we want it to be your decision. I know yall will do what is best.

AlphaTau37 said...

Change is inevitable. Sure it brings a bit of anxiety, but to me, it's always exciting.