Friday, September 14, 2007

Weekend Blues.

So it's Friday and while I'm super grateful to be about two hours from getting off work in the library...I'm not all that excited about the weekend. Which is sad because if you have known me the last year and a half you know I currently LIVE for the weekend...

Could it be because I'm working 12 hours for the Scrapbook Attic Saturday?

Why yes, that is why I'm not so happy. I SERIOUSLY need the money if I want to be able to enjoy myself without feeling guilty at the Extravaganza come November 2nd(YAY!) and I'm super glad to be able to even have the hours...But honestly all I really want to do is sleep in tomorrow...

Oh and I've had a slight catch in my throat and growing cough the past week and a half...I have a bad feeling I will be joining the ranks of my sick friends soon enough.

On a happy note I came in early today and have forfeit my lunch break so as to be off by 3:15 today. :) Yay for early Fridays!!

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Jenny Lyn said...

YEA for the extraganza!!!!! I can hardly wait myself.