Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rained out...

Well, door knocking was rained out this week--As much as I don't actually enjoy doing it, I'm disappointed about all the people we didn't get to/talk to this week. I have no doubt we'll still get to it but winter seems to be a hard time to schedule anything outdoorsy...

Only a week and 2 days til' Extravaganza!! YAY!!!

On a super strict diet for the next two's time to get healthy again!! I actually think I've lost 3 lbs. already...that kinda makes it easier--especially after last night when all I wanted to do was grab some fast food and go home! (I worked all day, got home worked at the scrapbook attic til' about 8:30....STARVING!!)

Constantly getting excited about the move...tried to find cheap Schnauser puppies to no avail last night...sigh...No I am NOT interested in paying $500!! UGH.

Anyhow...I feel very happy today...for no apparrent reason..

Oh actually, could be b/c I actually slept last night..hmm

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