Friday, October 26, 2007

MIssing the Gospel Meeting this weekend...

No doubt I'll get a lot of crap for that...unfortunately this weekend just happened to coincide with my cousins wedding in Cabot. Last night was spent visiting with family over dinner and then helping make wedding favors (I can't help today while they decorate so I helped last night--Liz (the cousin) and Aunt Caroline (her mom) helped with my wedding a lot so it's the least I can do!

Tonight is rehearsal dinner and I will be there as well...I'm hoping to be put to some use there too b/c I think we'll be decorating after it's over...and Saturday the wedding is at 2pm but I will have family in from Georgia and Oklahoma that I see about twice a year.

Bad timing no doubt...but so is everything this month and the next two I think!! Wayne is getting sick...which is very bad b/c one: He works a 12-hour shift tonight and two: he has job interviews this Thursday and Friday.

Sometimes the cards just fall that way I suppose...

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