Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Looking for somewhere to live

is hard.

Here are a few choices...

This one I'm in love with...but is a little more expensive so it'll depend on whether the prices online are accurate or not.

and this one is where Andy and Erin live.

We like both of them...but I REALLY like the first link. They're just a little bigger and I prefer the layout (the kitchen has an island and a microwave that is off the counter!! love, love!!) along with a few little extras they have like covered parking...

On another nervous-making note (anybody out there read Uglies? lol) we're waiting to hear whether Wayne got one of the two jobs he interviewed for at Barnes Jewish Hospital. He was told they would let him know by Monday, but now he wont' know til' Thursday and NEXT Monday. It's really making him nervous, so keep this situation in your prayers. Wayne has worked hard the whole time he's been in college and I believe he deserves one of these jobs--they are both ICU jobs (MICU and CICU), one in exactly the position he wants. (CICU) The hospital is also one of the top in the nation and he liked the layout of everything....I'm trying to give it over to God...and I think to some extent I have but it's so hard to give it ALL over...

Did I mention that I will be living within a 15 minute drive of a TARGET? Just thought I'd throw that in there... :)

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