Thursday, May 29, 2008

House Hunting

Is scary and tiring and exciting!

We drove around looking at houses Sunday...I found the one I know I'll be set on, but don't tell Wayne because he hates when I get stuck on something like that. He doesn't like it when I get too caught up in what I want...I am a bit of a dweller as all my friends that have to put up with my current topic of convo know well. :P

It was a cookie cutter house that would sit next to other cookie cutter houses. The rebel in me says it is unacceptable to have something so like what others have, the I want a house that I get to pick stuff out for and that doesn't look like crap and doesn't requiring the sentence "I could do that" from my husband says it's beautiful.....and I loved it and it's not built yet and and..


I've already imagined my stuff in it...where I would hang things, the whole nine yards.

We'll see...

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