Saturday, June 14, 2008

So we went out "shopping" today with our realtor and we think this one is quite possiblyTHE HOUSE. I know it doesn't necessarily look all that amazing in this pic...and this isn't the actual house, just a pic of the same sort/model but oh my goodness--I SO WANT IT!!

Only two things stopping us...the house is move-in ready, RIGHT NOW. Yeah, hmm...still have about, oh yeah, 6 months left on our lease!!! So...we may be looking into getting out of that early, IF we get a good enough deal on the house. That and the laundry room in this house is set up for a stupid stacked set, uh yeah that cool! was so cool to find this house! The location is perfect, the house has a beautiful layout, and the lot is sooo nice!! (that's not all I like I'm just limiting myself, lol)

So even if we don't get this EXACT house...we'll probably be building one almost exactly like it. YAY!!

Anyway...we'll see. :)

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