Thursday, July 3, 2008

I wrote up a newsletter only to have it almost completely re-written, we still have yet to hear back about the house we drew up a contract on SATURDAY, and I had a training on this particular application that I just hate teaching. (Because I suck at it)

But then again I have come to appreciate several of the people that work here more and more as we adjust to each others annoyances, mannerisms, etc

and that helps a lot.

That plus the inlaws are coming tonight!! (which I know most people think is a sad thing but I am always delighted with.) I am incredibly excited about the Cardinals vs Cubs game Friday with them and all the other happiness that I know will come to me this weekend.

Pray for me as we wait to hear about the patience is no doubt wavering.

Hope you all have a Happy 4th!! Remember who sacrifices still today for our country as my father-in-law is one of those brave men not enjoying this weekend with his family as so many are.

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