Thursday, August 14, 2008

Prepare for lots of yayying for no apparrent reason. lol

So...things are rather busy around here for me and Wayne.

I decided to be one of those crazy people with a second job. Yep, I know I'm an idiot, but so far I do like Pier 1. They don't stay open as late as a lot of alternatives, I get a discount (on things I already wanted to buy for our future house, yay!), and for the most part I like the people that work there.

I'm hoping I can at least hold it down til' December as that will definitely help us build our savings up and hopefully decorate said future house.

We're in the middle of countering back and forth on building new. Thought we were done with that last week, but they came back with another offer (magically more money disappeared from the price when they said it couldn't) and so we are back in consider mode. Or actually I said we would do it but I had a few things to change so I'm currently awaiting a phone call or e-mail from my realtor telling me it's ours. I will be happy either way...I love the idea of building exactly what we want since we plan on living here for a long time, but I know if this falls through once again then we will find an existing house we like just as well. I just hope it's all done and ready to move into (whichever way this goes) by Thanksgiving so I can do it while I'm off work a few days...I think it will be awesome to be in a house before Christmas this year! I have some hopes that I can conjure family up here for holiday celebrations since we'll have the room and Wayne works Christmas day--and nobody else in our family Christmas celebrations will.

We go to Cardinals vs Braves next Friday! Yayyy!!!

Andy and Erin close on their house next Tuesday!! Yayy for them!

I am sooo tired and ready to sleep in Saturday...but work Saturday night!! Yuck but yayy for sleep!

And well..that's pretty much it. Oh wait, except my dog tore up some of our carpet last week! WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT ABOUT!!?? He never tears up anything he's not supposed to (aka what I give him for my viewing enjoyment lol) but for some reason he decided to tear up our living room carpet right where two seams meet. MAJOR SIGH. Thank goodness my father owns a flooring company. :)

Thought I'd make a semi-long post, just because I could! Hope all is well for all my lovelies in blog land...

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