Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Laziness and floor plans have taken over my blog.

I think it's been months if not a year or so since I wrote anything of any consequence whatsoever. The last fews months at least it's been nothing more than an update on our house situation, which is indeed taking over my life at the moment, but good grief. There must be more than that! Or well...I hope there is. (and yet here I go into house stuff again, argh!!)

As with most every new thing that appears in my life I am obsessed. Any of my close friends know that until something is scheduled out, written out, just in general figured out for me, I fixate.

And so it is with the house. Probably worse with the house because it's taken several months and me figuring out the what ifs and how will we's. I do want to announce that I will MOSTLY turn back to normal and find something new to worry over as of the second week of December (if all goes as planned anyhow). YAYY!! I cannot tell you how excited and just freaking ready I am for this! I still can't really believe I am choosing to live in suburbia, but I love it all the same.

On a weird and randomly inserted note, I have a 12-pack of hamburger buns sitting on my desk right now.

Does anybody read this anymore? I seriously doubt it and so even though I berated myself for only writing about the house lately, I figure noone will notice it anyhow.

Lunch hour...how can you be over so soon? Back to work I go.