Friday, January 2, 2009

Red Robin.....yummmmmmmmmmmm

So...I will attempt another blog.

Work is slow this week...that's okay because next week I start going in at 6AM!! (oh dear, getting up at 4:50 is just not that inviting!) and then the next week I swing to least traffic is super light that early in the morning!

Really enjoying the extra time with Wayne's fam this week...the kids are driving me a liiiittle bit insane, but it's been nice getting to share our "Christmas" time--playing games, eating ridiculously bad for you meals, and just spending quality time. Would be nice if this could happen with my siblings family...**EDITED**

Red Robin for lunch with the folks and then only 3 more hours before it's the weekend! I think they'll all be heading home tomorrow morning...I'm sad to see them go again, but will be nice to have a date night with Wayner. I told him we're doing something different or that just takes more time to do simply because there has been no time for anything the last 5 months.

I think I'm quitting at Pier 1 the end of this month...I'm simply tired of not having time and I don't believe Wayne will accept me working there any longer. He did a little song and dance the other day about me quitting soon... :)

I'm thinking about using vinyl decals to add some color and pattern to my kitchen and house...I got enough Christmas money from the in-laws so planning on ordering today! So exciting to put together something that is truly mine!

Well..heading to lunch...maybe I'll start blogging more regularly now?? Hmmm...

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