Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This year..

...I am feeling especially blessed at Christmas. While there are several things that have gone wrong or could have gone better, there are many, many more opportunities and blessings that have headed my (really, our) way. I normally don't list out this sort of thing, but I'm a little nostalgic at the moment. (also very bored)

We are blessed to have...(not in order of best blessing necessarily)
1. recession-proof jobs (mostly anyway)
2. a new warm, cozy home to sleep in when so many have lost theirs.
3. a happy, God-centered marriage.
4. family that visits when normally they wouldn't leave their state so often. :)
5. friends we love, trust and can't go many days without talking to in some form or other!
6. cars that work (even if it does take a little extra money to pass inspection!!)
7. bosses that appreciate what you do with more than just a thank you. (although those are nice too!)
8. safely made it through our first "tough" winter.
9. a church we can be active with and that wants to follow God's will.
10. a pet that makes me feel safe when Wayne works night shift and is happy to see me no matter what.
11. lost a grandmother, but only temporarily.
12. a father (in-law) that made it home safely from Iraq for the second time.
13. money in savings.
14. health insurance (and good health so far)
15....can't think of any more right now but know there are many beside these :)

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