Friday, March 27, 2009

College spoils you...

There it is, plain and simple. There are so many, many reasons why, but one in particular has been causing me grief lately. (Christmas it was all about the three week vacation...sigh)

I miss the unending pool of friends. Don't get me wrong, I'm more the type of person to prefer a few secret-sharing, private joke telling, irreplaceable type relationships rather than throngs of acquaintances, but there is something to be said about community....err the camaraderie I had at Harding. (after all those chapel talks, how could I still have to use spell check for that word???)

Friends graduate? No problem, incoming freshman and transfer students will provide new friendships. Social club hates you? (Or you hate it, lol) Ignore them and continue with the club you're a queen for. Graduate and feel out of place in the student center? No worries, half the people in Searcy are Harding alumni!

So, I totally love St. Louis, but I miss the freaking camaraderie! (Needed spell check again, sigh) In so many ways I HAVE left the south. The culture here is so much more...umm well, Catholic-based rather than Baptist-based and while I am neither of those religions--I'll tell you right now, it makes a difference! EVERYONE and their MOM drinks here. Like, really drinks. Really, REALLY drinks. I am literally the only person that does not drink in my office of 40 plus? Big difference from My Town where almost everyone was a MOTC (ha!) and an even bigger difference from HU where even if the staff did drink, they'd signed something that said they wouldn't and hence didn't talk about it.

I'm feeling so much more than this about this subject right now, but I know it won't help the many situations I find myself in. This has been on my mind more this month than any other as I've spent a lot of time alone the last few weeks than normal. So many of my relationships are proving to be less than what I once thought them to be and to say the least, it has left a huge gap in my heart.

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kimma said...

*hugs* I'm sorry. I know what you mean though. Sometimes I feel that way about Nashville, which is really odd because this is actually where I went to college. And although the cultural differences aren't there as much, a lot of my closest friends have moved away, so I feel like I'm always hanging out with the exact same people all the time (mainly, my roomates, and while they are lovely people I'm sure they get sick of me sometimes).
*sigh* I wish we lived closer.