Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Real friends... you pack even when they don't want you to move.

...scrub your oven for half an hour just b/c they know you're worried about it.

...clean the floorboards of every room in your apartment.

...spend hours lugging boxes and furniture down stairs even though they're on vacation.

...make sure they say goodbye--even though it's the busiest month of the year.

Are so hard to leave and bring tears to your eyes--even when you know you'll see them in a month...

I love you guys so much. You know who you is so hard to leave you all.

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Stina said...

Hey, that was me! I helped you pack when I didn't want you to leave...and I cleaned all the baseboards in your apartment. See how much I love you?? Now, don't you feel bad for leaving me??!